Oklahoma House of Representatives
District 11
Oklahoma City Contact Information:

Office 300C
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: (405) 557-7358
Fax: (405) 962-7686


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2010 Committee Assignments:

  • Education Appropration - vice chairman
  • Wildlife - member
  • Common Education - member
  • Administrative Rules / Agency Oversight - member


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-- Collinsville, Oklahoma

August 2009 Chamber of Commerce
Teacher Appreciation Banquet

Home Contact Information:
1721 Cherokee Place
Bartlesville, OK 74003
Phone: (918) 336-4855

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To The Citizens of District 11
On Monday, February 1, 2010 I begin my fourth year as your State Representative for District 11. Everyday I am thankful that you allow me the opportunity to be your voice in State government.

When session begins a challenge awaits the legislature, as we face a State budget shortfall. This shortfall must be addressed and it will not be easy. You're aware of the situation and you understand that we have fewer funds available to fund all our State agencies. With the Rainy Day fund and the second year of Federal Stimulus funds we will utilize these funds to assist our shortfall. However, even with the use of these funds we still must look for additional ways to balance the budget. The State Constitution requires that we have a balanced budget. All State agencies budgets have been cut throughout this fiscal year to meet this Constitutional requirement. With the development of next year's budget we continue to face more shortfalls and more reductions for State agencies.

Tough decisions will be made to ensure State programs will continue to meet our State's needs, although some cuts will cause a reduction in services. This session holds huge challenges, but they are challenges we can meet. We have encountered economic challenges with State funding in the past and recovered. Likewise I am confident that we will overcome this downturn. Throughout this budget issue one thing that has not diminished is the greatness of this Nation, our State, and the opportunities we have as a free society. We will come through this downturn.

I welcome your questions and comments as this session unfolds.

Earl Sears
State Representative, District 11 -- (2/1/2010)

Dear Citizens of Collinsville:
Thank you for electing me as your state representative; it will be my honor to represent your values in Oklahoma City. A frequent visitor to Collinsville, I have found it to be a unique and genuine community. Be assured I will continue to develop relationships with you and your leaders.

Listed below are my contact information and my committee assignments for this legislative session, which begins February 5, 2007. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist you in any way. Together we will continue to ensure District 11 and all of Oklahoma is a great place to call home!

Earl W. Sears
(December 2006)

Sample District 11 Community Links
Rep. Earl Sears in the dunk tank at Collinsville's August 2009 Family Fun Day.
Dec. 2009 Collinsville Christmas Parade
Summer 2010 Update: Rep. Sears was unopposed for re-election in 2010 and will continue serving District 11 for 2 more years.
June 2010 "Making A Difference" Awards at Collinsville Chamber of Commerce meet
State Representative Earl Sears
Tapped for Top Budget Position

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Earl Sears said today that his appointment to the House Appropriations and Budget Committee by House Speaker-elect Kris Steele will give him an opportunity to lead efforts to craft a budget that will ensure the state’s economic prosperity.

“I am honored that Speaker Kris Steele has selected me to be the Appropriations and Budget chairman for the House of Representatives,” Sears, R-Bartlesville, said. “We all know we have a billion dollar budget shortfall challenge before us in Oklahoma that continues to impact our great state. I am confident under Speaker Steele’s leadership and with the help of all 101 members in the House we will rise to this budget challenge. Oklahoma expects us to lead by developing policy that puts Oklahoma on a sound economic path.”

As chair of the House Appropriations and Budget committee, Sears is charged with overseeing the legislative formation of the state’s annual budget for various state agencies and departments – including the filing of all appropriation bills and assigning those bills to subcommittees.

Prior to his legislative service, Sears served as principal of Central Middle School in Bartlesville for 22 years. He previously served as vice-chair of the House Education Committee.

“The budget will be on the forefront of everyone’s mind this year and we will be under heavy scrutiny to get it right,” Sears said. “I look forward to working with Governor Mary Fallin, Speaker Kris Steele, Treasurer Ken Miller and the Senate Appropriations and Budget chair, Senator David Meyers, to keep Oklahoma moving forward.”

Oklahoma House of Representatives (Media Division)
November 19, 2010 (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)
Dear Citizens of House District 11:

On February 7, 2011, I will once again return to the State Capitol to represent you in the House of Representatives. As I begin my third term, I will carry out my duties and responsibilities as your State Representative. Allowing me to work on your behalf continues to be a privilege and I thank you.

This session will have huge challenges because, once again, we have a state revenue shortfall. The federal stimulus funds are depleted and the Rainy Day Fund has been utilized in previous budgets. We saved $100 million dollars of the Rainy Day Fund to be used in the development of the 2012 budget. We won’t know the extent of the revenue shortfall until February 22 when state funds are certified. The good news is we know we are not facing a one billion dollar shortfall as previously predicted.

Tax revenue streams to fund state government are up but not enough to meet the levels at which state agencies have been funded in previous budget years. Therefore, we foresee additional budget reductions to many state agencies at some level.

Good legislation and policies must address the needs of education, transportation, public safety, health care, prison reform, pension reform, and the redistricting of the House of Representatives. My energies will be to develop, support, and enhance good economic policies that will create jobs for Oklahomans. In addition, policies that assist and address the needs of hard-working citizens and businesses in Oklahoma will have my full attention. I am always mindful where the tax dollars come from that fund state government.

As this session moves forward, your thoughts, positions, and ideas are welcome. Until then, all of us must work together for the well being of our great state and the 3.7 million people who choose to call Oklahoma home.

Best regards,
Earl Sears,
State Representative District 11
(Feb. 6, 2011)

June 2012 at Collinsville Chamber of Commerce Meet
June 2011 at Collinsville Chamber of Commerce Meet