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School Board Meet
(7pm) Nov. 5, 2007

Priorities For Bond Election
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All persons interested in attending the Regularly Scheduled School Board Meeting for Collinsville Public Schools, Independent District I-6, should make plans to attend the meeting at the following date, time and place to wit: Date: Monday Nov. 5, 2007 -- Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Education Service Center, 1119 West Broadway, Collinsville OK 74021

1) Call to Order and Roll Call of Members.
2) Record of Members Present and Absent. -- all present
3) Presentation by the Constituency. -- none
4) Reading of Minutes - Oct. 8, 2007 Regular Meeting. -- approved

5) Approval of Purchase Orders and Payment of Purchase Orders - FY2008 General, Building Funds and FY2007 General and Building Fund Reserves and All District Funds - Approval of Budgets, Reports, Allocations and Investments. --
-- approved
6) Discussion and Vote to Approve Activity Fund Fund-raisers. -- 19 approved
7) Discussion and Vote to Approve Election Call Resolution. -- approved Feb 5, 2008 election for school board position #3 (currently held by Wendell Johnson). The filing period will be Dec. 3-5, 2007 (eligibility & press release).
8) Appoint Personnel for OSAG Designated School Representative Authorization Form. -- Superintendent approved as representative to insurance group.

9) Resignations: -- approved
--a) Shannon Warren, HS Math/Science

10) Hiring of Personnel: -- approved
--a) Charles Anglin, HS Math
--b) Nathan Pelton, HS Custodian

11) Accept Bids for School Property,
1001 West Oak. St., Collinsville, OK. -- The high bid ($180,999) by the Collinsville Church of Christ (in the same block) was accepted. The church indicated plans to expand to the former ECC building which was originally a church. A youth center is one possibility for future use of the building according Don Witten.

12) Discussion to Set Priorities for Spring 2008 Bond Issue. -- no vote was taken and more options will be discussed at the next board meet when priorities will most likely be set. Preliminary candidate projects discussed for the ~$6 million potential spendable dollars from a likely bond election in March 2008:

Estimated Cost Potential Projects Discussed 11-5-2007
$1.467 million 8 new classrooms (w/ restrooms) at Herald Elementary
$1.8 million 6 new classrooms (w/ restrooms) at the high school + canopy to main bldg + brick exterior of the then 12 room remote bldg. + Commons refurb in main CHS bldg
$300,000 3 new 77 passenger school buses + security cameras for all buses. (Option for 1 van also if buses not air conditioned.)
$350,000 Textbooks & Technology
$690,840 Artificial turf for Sallee (football) Field (which would also be the band practice field, soccer field, youth football field, ...)

The estimated projects above totaled ~$4.5 million and additional topics (e.g. next phase of track development with stands and rest rooms, etc) will be presented at the next meet. I have lots of additional notes from the presentation of each topic above but will keep it simple now pending actual approval by the board. A few photos of potential designs are at right. -- Ted

13) Declare Surplus and No Longer Needed by the School District, One (1) Wrestling Mat.
-- approved. The mat is about 20 years old and has been repaired many times.

14) Assistant Superintendent's Report. -- Terry Due's report:

  • Had meeting with Trane about energy assessment but not proper time to pursue
  • City will put up lights at track soon
  • Atlus Construction still working on a drainage issue at new ECC
  • Some of ECC playground equipment installed but not the biggest item

15) Superintendent's Report.
-- Pat Herald's report:

  • Presentation of a plaque for Wendell Johnson for continuing his school board certification to level 4 which is reached by very few board members statewide. The presentation was made by State Representative Earl Sears (a former educator). (Previous Coverage)
  • Thanks to Trey Keith for the Cardinals on the new ECC message board posts. Also thanks to Reasors for help with funding the ECC playground equipment.
  • MRSA staph infections continue to be reported at many local schools (and there have been cases in Collinsville in the past). Precautions and disenfecting actions were already in place here. Bill Rule has been tasked to meet with the school nurses to look for other agressive actions to take and information to provide to students & parents

16) Announcements.

17) New Business (if any, of an emergency nature or that was not known at the time the agenda was posted): -- none

18) Adjournment

Posted Nov. 1, 2007 2pm at the door of the Education Service Center at 1119 W. Broadway -- Ted Wright's comments added in purple

Wendell Johnson Honored For Level 4 Board Member Certification
Church Of Christ Bid For Old ECC Accepted

Surplus Wrestling Mat
Spring Election For
Post 3 Called
CHS Classroom Expansion Plans
Turf Sample