Collinsville, Oklahoma
February 25, 2009
Miscellaneous News

Hit & Run Tuesday Night On 176th St. N. /
Doctors Relocating /
Alternative Student's Day At Capitol /
Broadway Extention Continues

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Hit & Run Information Needed
Ted, Last night (Tuesday Feb. 24th) between 8:00 and 8:30 my daughter, Kristina Shearer, was taking her friend, Kassidy Murphy, home down 176th St N, between 5th street and 19th (or whatever road it turns into once you hit the country). Kristina noticed a trailer stopped in the road on her side so she came to a stop, an on coming car (speeding and swerving) kept getting closer and closer when Kristina realized that he was going to hit them she managed to get over towards the ditch, but not before the other car came across into her lane and hit the girls. Of course the other car didn't stop and kept right on going speeding and swerving. There is nothing worse in this world then answering your phone hearing your child scream from fright and her friend screaming because she is covered in blood. Now there was a witness to the whole thing, but as we all know it is pitch black on that road at night and all we know is that the other car is silver/gray/white (a light color) it could have some red somewhere on it because there are red markings on the car that the girls were driving (which is Kristina's grandma's car). They couldn't see the driver because the windows were very dark tented. Both of the girls went to the ER and got checked out, one of them has scratches from the glass in her eye and pulled muscles and the other one has butterfly tape over an eye from the glass cutting her up and sprained back muscles. We are needing help to find this person and the car. The car should have a lot of damage on the drivers side, possible blown tire, broken head light and a missing hub cap (both found at the scene). From the hub cap we can tell that it was a Chevy vehicle. But if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated, I will pass anything on to the OHP so that we can get this person off of the road. Because now we have two badly shaken up young ladies who were doing nothing wrong and one grandma without a car (because we are pretty sure that it is totalled) and she starts a new job driving into Tulsa everyday today. So if anyone has any information they can call me 798-3037 or we have alerted the Collinsville Police about the accident so that they can keep an eye out for this description of vehicle. When I get anymore information, I will email it to you so that you might put it on your web site so we can find this person.
Thank you - Carolyn Jensen (2/25/2009)
Hit & Run Update: When I first sent information about this wreck we thought that we knew that the car that ran was a Chevy because of a hub cap that was found at the scene. Well we were wrong the hub cap belongs to our car, but we do know that the other car is a two door small car still possible with silver and red paint. We have taken our car to a local body shop with some parts that we do believe belong to the other car in hope that we can find the other car. So please if anyone knows anything we would greatly appreciate any help we can get. Again my number is 798-3037 or even email me Any information I receive I will pass on to police so that they can handle this properly. The girls returned to school today but are very sore and still very upset. They deserve some answers and we hope with everyone's help we can get them some. -- Thank you, Carolyn Jensen (2/26/2009)
Doctors Moving: Price & Colpitt
The offices of Blaine Price, D.O., and Debra Colpitt, M.D., will be moving to Utica Park Clinic in Owasso as of March 2, 2009.
Doctor Staying: Patton
The Collinsville Family Clinic office of Jerry D. Patton, D.O. is NOT moving and will continue at the same location at 12th & Main in Collinsville adjacent to the Collinsville Family Pharmacy.
Collinsville Students Visited State Capitol
Collinsville students attended the Alternative Student's Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol recently. L-R: State Representative Earl Sears, Ashley Lathrop, Pam Bailey, Destiny Coleman, James Byrum, Nkaoder Yang, Ashley Hamlin, Dustin Shackleford, Jana Monk, Kali Ray, Kassidy Turley, Kate Fitzgerald, Carley Crown, and Dawn Dipley.
Broadway Still Growing Eastward
Work continues on extending East Broadway past American Bank of Oklahoma and Kent's Custom Cars and Trucks. The new Broadway will connect to the north-south Old Highway 169 roadway (west of the new Highway 169). The extrance to Kent's will then be from Broadway instead of Main St.