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2000-2009 Collinsville High School Alumni


Hi Ted!

Could you link this info to the Class of 2000 page somehow? We still have several classmates that we have been unable to contact.
Anyone needing additional information may contact Kate Creekmore at
Thanks for all you do for Collinsville!
Tara (Landon) Howard (Monday May 24, 2010)

--- On Fri, 5/14/10, Kate Creekmore <> wrote:

Hello All- Just wanted to take a minute and keep everyone informed on what’s going on with the Collinsville Class of 2000 reunion. I have received final word from Pam Webb at Three Sisters Kitchen on the menu and prices. The menu for Saturday Sept 25th @ 6:00 pm will be as follows:

Zesty Meatballs
Vegetable & Dip Tray
Cream Cheese Roll Ups
Crescent Smokies
Gourmet Shrimp & Cocktail Sauce
Chips and dip
Artichoke dip with pita chips
Stuffed mushrooms
Fruit and dip tray
Brisket rolls

It will be an hor d'oeuvres buffet style. It was going to be too expensive for a sit down meal. It will be $25.00 per person. That total will include all food, plates, cups, cutlery, iced tea, set up and delivery.

I have added the facility rental fee and a clean up fee included in the per person price of $25.00. I thought it would be easier that way so not one person or groups of people are stuck cleaning up while everyone else goes out.

Again the plans are as follows: Friday September 24th, 2010- Everyone is invited to attend the homecoming festivities (parade and game). Someone suggested we do t-shirts of some sort. (Still haven’t heard from anyone on this). If someone would take that over that would be great. I can provide all the email addresses I have to contact everyone.

Saturday September 25th, 2010- Those who want to attend a picnic at Collinsville Park around 12:00. Everyone will need to furnish his or her own food and drinks. This is an opportunity for those with children to interact and meet everyone’s families.

6:00 Saturday September 25th- We will have a buffet style dinner at the Commons Area in the High School. This will last approximately until 8:00 or so. This will not be anything formal, just a chance for us to get together look at some old pictures, visit, and eat. Again, the dinner will be $25.00 per person. Greybeards has confirmed that we can reserve it if we want it. Thanks Amber!

I will send out another email with payment method. I am going to open a Collinsville Class of 2000 bank account somewhere, as to keep track of the money and who pays and what not. So at that time I will have an address of where to send the money. I will need everyone who is planning on attending the dinner to pay by September 1st. I have to pay the caterer in full by then.

Lastly, the following people I still need contact email addresses for. Some people have been helpful in letting me know where they work or live, but I am unable to track everyone down individually. Therefore, if you could help me out on the leg-work end that would be great.

Toney Acuff
Christy Beal
Cody Buxton
Robbie Chavez
Megan Clark
Somer Collins
Jon Cordova
Collin Creech
Will Dingman
Brian Frits
Jamie Grudier
Josh Kirby
Hannah Kramer
Nick Marinari
Tonya McAdoo
Kristin McGill
Jamie Miller
Thomas Nelson
Russell Nichol
Jerry Ogle
Marcela Ogle
Chris Penfield
Clayton Peterson
Jamie Robinson
Justin Stevens
Susie Suagee
Sam Turpin
Phil Voris
Derrick Wright

We are in the preliminary planning stage for the Class of 2000 reunion. Would you mind posting something for me on the alumni page? I have sent out an email to about half of the students, so if they have not received an email from me we don't have their contact information. We have a Facebook and Myspace page (Collinsville Class of 2000) or they may email me at

Thank you for your time.
Kate Creekmore-Knoten (12/2/2009)

PS~ Thank you for the website it is great to keep in touch with everyone and the town. Although I live an hour away it still feels like home. Thanks again for all you do.

Robyn (Duncan) Willey (10/6/2008 update)

Amanda Dyer

Currently finishing up the semester at TU, moving to Richmond, VA in Jan. to begin school at Virginia Commonwealth University. I've decided to double major in art education and museum studies to eventually open a place somewhat like the Living Arts center in Tulsa.

Kendal Eschbach

Joseph Patton

Since graduation I've lived all over North America. In 2005 I completed my degree in Aerospace Science at Oklahoma State University. I am currently a professional pilot contracting as a flight instructor.

Matt Wolfe

Janettee (Younger) McCrary
Unfortunately, I had to leave Collinsville High School before graduation. After I left Collinsville, I moved to Oklahoma City. Two days before graduating from Northwest Classen High School, I married John Story. I had joined the military and shipped out in September of 2002. Unfortunately, I got hurt in Basic Training and returned home in November that same year. John and I had a son in September of 2003, but he had severe medical problems and we were unable to care for him, so we gave him up for adoption. We seperated in 2004 and divorced in 2006. I graduated from Vatterott College in 2007 with a Computer Office Assistant Diploma. I got married January 4, 2008 to Nathan McCrary. We bought our first house in July of 2008 and are looking forward to starting a family. I own my own business, Storys, Inc. -- Janettee McCrary. [9/27/2009 Update]


Melissa Emerson

I graduated in 2005 from Northwestern Oklahoma State University with a Mass Communications degree. I am currently a recruiter for a company in Tulsa called Aerotek, a privately owned staffing firm. 

Summer (Forbes) Patty

 I married my husband, Robert, in November 2005. I graduated NSU with a B.A. in Social Studies Education in May 2006. I currently live in Jacksonville, NC. I teach 10th grade Civics/Economics and coach softball.

Benjamin Sconyers   

I am currently a college student graduating in May 2006 with a degree in Mass Communications with an advertising emphasis. I am engaged to Meghan Smith, a marketing major from Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Cynthia (Jackson) Jack
After finishing 6 years in the U.S. Army I now am an Army civilian. I have an Associates in Russian and a B.A. in History. I married my husband Mike in 2003 and we are currently stationed at Fort Carson, CO. Our daughter Mackenna was born in 2005 and we are expecting our 2nd daughter Cora to arrive in October 2008. -- [7/28/2008 Update]

(Nov. 2006
-- Veterans Day In Collinsville) -- (Husband's 2017 death)

Jeff Riggs
Hi my name is Jeff Riggs I graduated in 2001 and would like to add my email to the website. Its If you need further info about me let me know. --[6/4/2010]

Andrea Holly (12-26-2011 Wedding Announcement)

Chad Willard (2001 Collinsville graduate) has been hired by Claremore High School as their new Head Wrestling Coach. -- per an email from Clyde Willard 7/15/2013 -- (Previous Coverage 2005)


Janine Kesterson

I graduated from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. I am currently pursuing my PhD in School Psychology at Oklahoma State University. (Added 2-6-2008) (Related Link)

Travis Pelletier -- (July 2007 Olympic Trainer) & (Jan. 2010 Engagement / Groom Contest)

Cory Ryder (10-20-2011 Wedding Announcement),

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September 28, 2017
2009 CHS Grad

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