Second Methodist Church building view in December 1963

New Church in Dec 1963 The new (second) Methodist Church sanctuary stands beside the old (original) sanctuary. The new church (at 1209 Oak Street) was consecrated Sunday December 8, 1963. Rev. Connell Ghormley was the minister and the membership was listed as 413. The church was consecrated just weeks after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Photo from: "The Collinsville News" -- December 5, 1963

Education Building Dedicated -- September 1954 New Education Building 1954

Photo from: "The Collinsville News"

Fellowship Hall Groundbreaking -- October 1975 Fellowship Hall Groundbreaking 1975

Photo from: "The Collinsville News"
Church Bell Tower 1997 Schulmerich Quadrabell system dedicated to W. S. "Mike" Flanagan in 1977

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Second Methodist Church building view in 1997

Church in 1997
Photo by Ted Wright -- March 1997
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