Orignal ME Church ~1907

First Known Photo of the Original Collinsville Church

Photo from: ~January 1907-- "The Collinsville Times" -- Collinsville, Indian Territory

Church Members in Front of Original Methodist Church 1914

Church Members 1914 This Collinsville M.E. Chruch was likely visited by William Jennings Bryan on January 25, 1917. This, according to stories in both "The Collinsville News" and "The Collinsville Star".
Per the News: "The M. E. Church having the largest capacity for seating, was selected as the place for having the speech making."
Per the Star: "Mr. Bryan is a high priced attraction, and the price of admission will probably by $1.00. We understand he will give only two or three lectures in the state, which puts Collinsville in quite an exclusive class. The lecture will be held in the First M. E. church next Thursday afternoon."
Photo from: March 31, 1914 -- "The Collinsville Times"

1919 Sanborn Insurance Map of Church 1/2 block

1919 Sanborn Map of 1st Church Building and it's expansions 1919 Collinsville Sanborn Map of the north half block between 12th Street (Brown Ave.) and 13th Street (French Ave.) with Oak Street at the top and the alley at the bottom. This map shows the original Collinsville Methodist Church building along with it's expansions on both the South and West sides.
Sanborn Map from: "Newspaper Museum In Collinsville" archive

Interior of Expanded Methodist Church ~1950s

Interior of original church
Photo from: "The Collinsville News" archive

Expanded Methodist Church Building in 1963

1963 Front view
Photo from: "The Collinsville News" archive

Second Methodist Church Building Starts Next Door to Original in 1963

Church Members 1914
Photo from: "The Collinsville News" archive
The original Church was torn down in 1964 after the new building was completed.

Original Methodist Church Building Torn Down in 1964 (After ~65 Years of Use)

Church Teardown
Photo from: "The Collinsville News" September 17, 1964
According to the 1964 News story (when the building was town down): The building was started in 1898 or 1899 and the sanctuary was completed in 1900. The sanctuary was expanded in ~1915. The replacement sancturary (2nd church) appears on the left (East) with the new wooden cross.

Original Methodist Church Building Interior During Tear Down in 1964

Church Teardown
Photo from: "The Collinsville News" September 17, 1964
The interior of the original Collinsville Methodist Church (facing Northeast) as it appeared during the 1964 destruction.
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