Collinsville, Oklahoma
November 1 , 2018
CHS Football -vs- Rogers
Cardinals Finish Regular Season Unbeaten (10 & 0)
With 57-0 Win
At Tulsa Rogers
Captains (L-R): Zach Morris, Tres Sexton, Tanner Erickson and Cody Coughran.
Malcolm Tillman (#24) returned the opening kickoff back to the Rogers 42 yard line.
Jake Tuttle (#21) scored the first touchdown on this nine yard run at 9:10 in the first quarter.
Tulsa Will Rogers spent most of the first quarter trapped inside their own ten yard line with Collinsville scoring and then pinning them deep with good coverage on the (5) kickoffs.
Trent Brown (#43) caught the Rogers QB in the endzone and knocked the ball loose for the recovery below.
Gage Tacker (#84) recovered the Rogers fumble in the endzone for the second Cardinal touchdown at 7:54 in the first quarter.
Collinsville held Rogers inside the 10 yard line again forcing a punt and another short field for the Cardinal offense.
Malcolm Tillman (#24) needed just one play to cover the 39 yards needed for the third Collinsville touchdown with 6:40 in the 1st quarter.
Seth Weiser (#6) was wide on this PAT but made all others. Seth Weiser (#6) was busy all evening with extra points, kickoffs and some rushes.
With Rogers operating just beyond their own goal line again Adam Carney got the tackle and fumble recovery in the endzone for the fourth Cardinal touchdown at 5:47 in the first quarter. Seth Weiser's extra point kick made the score 27-0 at that point.
The Trap student section was busy again providing support for the team (and working on their own "win" streak). They have been Fox23's "Fans In The Stands" favorites for seven weeks in a row heading into this game.
The CCC Band was in the other end of the massive Booker T. Washington (S. E. Williams) stadium where BTW Hornets and Rogers Ropers play their home games. The band did not march but entertained from the stands.
Noticed a bit of a stair step formation from this angle in Collinsville's offensive setup.
Grayson Boomer (#18) with a 1st quarter catch (from Dugger) and run near the home sidelines.
Jake Tuttle scored his second touchdown from 52 yards out with 2:40 remaining in the first quarter. Weiser's kick put the Cards up 34-0 after Collinsville's fifth 1st quarter TD.
Eli Benham (#10) fair caught a bunch of Tulsa Rogers punts setting up good field position for Collinsville.
Malcolm Tillman (#24) scored his second TD (Collinsville's 6th) from 13 yards out at 9:57 in the 2nd quarter. Weiser kicked the extra point for a 41-0 score and marked the departure of many of the Cardinal starters for the evening.
Another three and out for Rogers against the swarming Cardinal defense.
Seth Weiser (#6) had running back duties in most of the second quarter and moved Collinsville to within a foot of the goal for Weather's TD below.
QB Baylor Weather (#16) kept for Collinsville's 7th TD (at 3:35 in the 2nd quarter) and moved the score to 48-0 after Weiser's kick.
This was as close as Rogers got to scoring in the game. They had reached the Collinsville 30 on the opening drive of the second half but Caleb Mitchell (#28) and another defender batted this pass attempt away.
I chose this defensive photo to shout out to just a few of the substitutes playing in the very short (continuous clock) 2nd half: L-R -- Luke Stein (#30), Nusua Xiong (#57), Zach Morris (#62), Caleb Mitchell (#28), Jake Bays (#13), and Dustin Leach (#56). -- Ted
Nate Wilkins (#32) was just 4 yards short of a long TD run on the first play of the 4th quarter. The play covered from Collinsville's 29 yard line down to the Rogers' 4 before he was drug down from behind.
Nate Wilkins (#32) picked up the remaining four yards for Collinsville's final touchdown at 10:40 in the 4th quarter. Weiser's PAT kick moved the score to 55-0.
Fourth quarter Cardinal defense.
Freshman T.K. Woods (#68) was just a few steps too late to recover a bad Rogers snap that was then kicked and went out of bound in their endzone for a safety at about 5:40 in the 4th quarter. Those 2 points made the final score 57-0.
Following the free kick, it appeared Collinsville had another score with Hunter Davis (#14) rushing 17 yards to the endzone, but a holding penalty wiped out the play late in the game.
The Collinsville Quarterback Club feeds the team after each game.
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Owasso Reporter -- 11/1/2018

Tulsa World Photos (Brett Rojo) -- 11/2/2018

A lot of respect for TPS football kids that suffer through the opposite (lack of wins and fans) of what our Cardinals have created for themselves this season. A quick check of my notes looks like Rogers only got outside of their own 10 yard line once in the first quarter (to the 13) and lost two fumbles for TDs in a 34-0 first quarter. Their first "big play" of the game came when Collinsville's 6th kickoff reached the endzone and Rogers got to move all the way out to their 20 yard line in the 2nd quarter. -- More photos later -- Ted Wright -- 12:30am Friday

Just a quick FYI (that should already be obvious): I am well over a week behind on photos and news on cvilleok. I had hoped to "catch up" over fall break but barely broke even. One of the side projects that has been taking extra time is trying to find the record of each CHS Football team for the lengthy history of Collinsville High School. The outstanding performance by this year's team (8 & 0 so far) has folks wondering about how they might compare to teams in the past. I am far from done and not totally trusting the info I have so far ... but it looks like Ron McHenry's 1978 team that went 12 & 1 had the best record so far.

A few other notable are (2013: 10-2), (2000: 10-2), (1993: 10-3). (1986: 10-2), (1979: 10-1) & (1977: 11-2). I have many years still unknown and obviously 2015's state runner-up finish is best so far even though their 8 & 5 record is mis-leading in regards to the amazing finish. More later. -- Ted Wright 10/25/2018

And thank you to Gavin Rose for some initial research and inspiration.

Note Tyler Lowe has shared his research on the same subject which should expedite this process ... but it on hold for now. -- Ted -- Sat Oct. 27th

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2018 CHS Varsity Football
(Revised To Include Freshman)
# Name Class Position
1 Colton Allphen Jr WR/DB
3 Taylor Olinghouse Jr WR/DB
4 Caden Buoy So QB/DB
5 Zach Hurt So H/LB
6 Seth Weiser SR RB/DB/K
7 Talon Coulter SR WR/DB
8 Andrew Wilson JR WR/DB
9 Cale Hutchens SR WR/DB
10 Eli Benham So WR/DB
11 Vince Gregory SR WR/DB
12 Cole Dugger Jr QB/DB
13 Jake Bays So WR/DB
14 Hunter Davis So RB/OLB
16 Baylor Weathers So QB/OLB
18 Grayson Boomer SR H/DE
20 Ashton Jones Jr K
21 Jake Tuttle SR RB/OLB
22 Brayden Burd Jr RB/ILB
23 Walker Roberts SR WR/DB
24 Malcom Tillman SR RB/DB
25 Carter Lowe SR RB/OLB
26 Clay Montes So WR/DB
28 Caleb Mitchell Jr WR/DB
30 Luke Stien So WR/DB
31 Andrew Carney FR QB/DB
32 Nate Wilkins So H/LB
33 Cole Kuykendall Jr WR/DB
34 Eric Wilson So RB/DB
35 Baylor Haynie SR RB/DB
36 Payton Russell Jr RB/OLB
37 Kaleb Cunningham So WR/LB
40 Gabe Lyon So H/DE
41 Tristan Cottingim FR H/LB
43 Trent Brown SR H/ILB
44 Trevin Hodges Jr H/ILB
45 Payton Stacy FR RB/OLB
46 Joey Rigby FR RB/OLB
48 Braden Keith FR H/OLB
49 Landon Bunch FR QB/OLB
50 Tanner Erickson SR OL/NG
51 Nulong Xiong So OL/DL
52 Hayden Knight SR OL/OLB
53 Nic Goldsmith SR OL/DE
54 Jace Ellis JR OL/ILB
55 Adam Carney SR OL/DE
56 Dustin Leach So OL/DL
57 Nusua Xiong So OL/DL
58 Dempsey Gillman FR OL/LB
59 Tres Sexton SR OL/DE
60 Karson Cole SR OL/DE
61 Hunter Nelson So WR/DE
62 Zach Morris So OL/DL
63 Cody Coughran SR OL/DE
64 Zac Robbins Jr OL/DE
66 Tanner Jones Jr OL/NG
67 Blake Battles So OL/LB
68 T.K. Woods FR OL/DE
70 Kaden Jones So OL/DL
71 Zach Kitch Jr OL/NG
72 Cannon Howard FR OL/NG
73 Clayton Brewer FR OL/DE
74 Tristan Edleman FR OL/DE
75 Chance Lewis FR OL/DL
76 Isaiah Saldivar FR OL/NG
77 Isaac House Jr OL/NG
78 Payton Murphy FR OL/DL
80 Caden Boyd FR RB/OLB
81 ShawnStopp FR WR/OLB
82 Quinton Johnson FR WR/DB
84 Gage Tacker Jr H/DE
85 Tyler Tillman FR WR/DB
86 Bryson Talbott FR WR/DB
87 Zander Baker FR WR/DB
88 Caleb Tehee FR WR/DE
89 Connor Troglin FR WR/DB
90 Beau Oxford FR WR/DB
98 Erik Mejia FR OL/DL


Delaney Cottingim
Molly Sills
Alex Knight
Daniel Malon
Catie Camp