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After July 1, 2020, my retirement superseds all of the comments below -- Ted Wright -- 3/22/2020
  1. What is the purpose of the web site?
    To provide free news and photos for and about Collinsville, Oklahoma (both current & historical).
  2. Who is responsible for the content on
    Ted W. Wright is the owner and only paid employee of the web site and "Newspaper Museum In Collinsville". Submitted news and photos are welcomed but not reimbursed. All content must be family-friendly.
  3. Who can advertise on and how much does it cost?
    Any business or indivdual may submit advertising to Non-profits may be offered a limited amount of free advertising. Contact Ted Wright ( for details.
    * Top (random) banner ads are $25/month or ($240 for a pre-paid year). All are same fixed size.
    * Top (fixed) wide banner is $100/month and only one is available on a first paid / first served basis.
    * News page sponsor ads range from $6-$10 and can be large.
    * Flow down ads on newsindex page start as low as $5 but increase with size and # of days near top.
  4. Can I purchase photos that appear on
    Yes, and also many other photos taken at the same events which did not appear online. Contact Ted Wright ( for specific details.
    (Note: Check back for an update on photos ...( I no longer do specific individual CDs) ... but offer by sport or activity files ... after they are archived .. I am currently a full year behind on archiving -- April 2019) -- MORE Photo Info
  5. What is's association with the "Collinsville News"?
    None! (since 1987). The Wright family started the Collinsville newspaper in 1899 and owned it for it's first 88 years, but the paper has been under different management for ~26 years. This web site ( is a competitor of the current newspaper and it's web site. News and advertising are not shared between the competing businesses. Historical information from the first 88 years of "The Collinsville News" is used on for historical reference.
    (2016 Update ... with the Collinsville News no longer being published the above comments are less meaninful. I do have a limited association with the current Collinsville Times-Star Newspaper as a contributor of photos and history.)
  6. When is the deadline for news or advertising?

    There are no "deadlines" as updates are made each day. The sooner material is received the sooner it will appear on The goal is to have photos from events covered online in less than 24 hours. There is no need to wait for a specific date or time for your news or ad.

  7. How long is news online at
    Pages are not deleted. Original pages from 2003 are still available as well as news from yesterday or last week or month or year. New stories often have links to previous coverage of similar stories.
  8. My dog is lost ... can you post my information and his photo?

    Yes, but there is a fee. Small text-only ads are $5 and a small photo adds $5 more. The same is true for garage sale ads, etc. The news is free but ads help pay my bills. (see #11 below for payment options). There is no particular word limit, but if you get carried away with an extremely long ad, it may get moved to a less favorable position on the page.

    Until further notice ads (garage sales, lost dogs, etc) on will not appear until payment has been received. -- Ted Wright April 23, 2009

  9. Why is some of the text outside of the boxes on the page and covered up?
    If you have the "text size" on your browser set too large, pages on may be unreadable. Reset the size to medium for best viewing. (More)
  10. Why didn't you have a photo or story about ... (fill in the blank _____________)?
    The answer is usually because no one told me about the event or I was covering another event at the same time. If your kids' team schedule is not on my site or events calendars chances are extremely high I won't be there for photos. The high school is good about providing sports schedules but any coach or parent may submit schedule or specific game info for all ages and sports (or organizations). I am suprised at the low numbers of folks submitting (free) birth, wedding, death, anniversary or graduation announcements. To save time and expenses my coverage of out-of-town sporting events is limited. -- Ted Wright (More)
  11. When is the office open ... for picking up photos, paying bills, touring museum ... etc?

    As this is a 1-person business and the door is locked when I am covering news or running errands .. there are no set hours at the Newspaper Museum In Collinsville at 1110 W. Main, Collinsville, OK 74021). If you call (918-798-1804) or email ( to let me know you are coming ahead of time that helps. (Since January 2013, I am spending more time at my School office than at the museum. My cell phone number is posted at the museum).
    I don't take credit card or online payments so you can deliver cash or a check (or mail a check to the same address or leave in the mail slot). Make checks payable to Ted Wright (or Newspaper Museum).

  12. Why didn't you return to my phone call?

    The 371-1901 phone number was disconnected 6/30/2014.

    Email ( is the most efficient way to communicate with me. There is no additional cost, I don't have to guess the spelling or punctuation of your info and I don't have to re-type your info to use online. There is a record of what you requested and what I promised. I will work off old emails as I have time. I rarely return old phone calls when I am swamped.

  13. If you have any other questions please email Ted Wright (

    New Policy
    (& now also for School Twitter)
    I had been considering a new cvilleok policy for some time and now have reached the same conclusion for the School Twitter.

    I would like to not take up time/space asking people to "vote" in what I consider "popularity" contests ... like VYPE and Tulsa World often do.

    I'd rather our kids get recognition for their on the field ability ... rather than how many folks "waste" their time "voting" on the internet.

    I might still make some mention ... as making the voting list is typically news worthy ... but not to solicit votes.

    -- Ted Wright 7/19/2016

    It is just my speculation ...
    but I believe these "contests" are more about viewer numbers to show their potential advertisers than about the students & fans. -- Ted


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