1919 Sanborn Insurance Map of South Park M.E. Church on Smelter Hill

1919 Sanborn Map of Collinsville South Park Methodist
During the time Collinsville had an expanded population (up to ~8000 people) when the zinc smelters were active (~1911-1918) a large portion of Collinsville's people lived on Smelter Hill where this "other" Collinsville Methodist Church was located. More research is required to determine when the church started and ended.

Need more on South Park Methodist Church on Smelter Hill ....on West side of Van Buren Avenue per Mar 21, 1913 "The Collinsville Times" voting place map. In block 26 of Highland Park addition at Industrial & Van Buren per 1919 Sanborn
Recollection of Mrs. Henry Keith (former Lennis Morrow)
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