Collinsville, Oklahoma
June 1, 2010
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Animal Cruelty
Apparently late Friday night, a sneaky, irresponsible person left a taped cardboard box of kittens on the doorstep of the Ward-Wiseman Animal Haven. I hope that person reads this message. On Saturday morning when our volunteer arrived, the box had been ripped open by a predator and 5 of the 7 kittens were found partially eaten and their carcasses strewn across the front porch. Yep, this is gross and inhumane and our volunteer was pretty well traumatized by this grotesque discovery. In the past couple of weeks, we have also had an open box of puppies dropped off at the door. The same could have happened to them.

It is unfortunate that people like this exist in our community. We are now forced to add a security camera with night-time recording capabilities and take extra precautions to catch whoever is committing these acts. Let this be a final warning: any person who is caught dropping off an animal on or near our property without approval from the ACO or WWAH - we will press charges against you for animal cruelty and neglect. We will prosecute to the FULLEST extent of the law - one count for EACH ANIMAL you leave on the property. In addition, you are dropping the animal(s) off on city land, so you are subject to being prosecuted by them as well as the county. You have been warned.

Please, follow the proper procedures. If you live inside City limits,call the ACO at 371-1000 during the week. You can also contact the Ward-Wiseman at 371-1009 and if you live outside our area, maybe we can find a good rescue or foster home for your animal. Thank you.

WWAH Board (5/31/2010) - Chris

Baseball Bombers
This is a picture of Nicholas Taylor-Jensen (of Collinsville) & Zack Thompson (of Owasso). They played ball on the Bombers out of O'Brien Park and won 2nd place in there league this Spring. Nick plays 1st, 3rd, pitches and catches, while Zach takes care of any position in the out field. We are very proud of the boys.

Very Proud Mom, Carolyn Jensen (5/31/2010)
Hogs 'N' Hot Rods In Less than 2 Weeks
In addition to all the fancy cars and motorcycles ... there will be vendors and entertainment in Historic Downtown Collinsville Saturday June 12, 2010. You could also win a grill or ride in helicopter. -- Ted Wright
Check the Collinsville Downtown Inc web site
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