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March 22, 2008
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Congressman Sullivan On Mental Health Care & Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act /
CHS Alumni Around the World /
Eastside Baptist "Kid Stuf" Program /
Animal Shelter Fenced Run

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Showing Wednesday, April 2nd
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Wow Parents and Grand-Parents!
Have we got an incredible program
for your kids!

Remember "Fire By Night" on TV that was on
during the 80's and 90's?
This program's much like it, except it's geared for Kids.

Kid Stuf is hosted the first Wednesday Night
of each month during March, April and May
at 6:30 PM
at Eastside Baptist Church in Collinsville, OK

as we Rock the House for JESUS
and Learn about His LOVE

First time visitors receive a gift!!!!

Cammie -- Lori Adams
Tyler - David Mayes
Vinny - Jeff Aunko
Rick Flashly - Tyler Fellinger
Barbara Wawa - Toni Thomason
Ester - Rachel Chronister
Miss. Babylonia - Kelsey Holeman
M.C. - Randy Kennedy
Storyteller - Jon Coleman

EBC location:
Turn Right just as you pass Dollar General
on 146th St North, Turn Right at first stop sign, Follow Road as it winds around continue driving until you've passed Prairie View Addition, EBC is located on the Left side of the Road. Parking is in Front and Back

March 20, 2008

Working to Bring Mental Health Parity to Millions of Americans

I am pleased to see the House of Representatives take an important step toward bringing full mental health parity to America. H.R. 1424, the Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007, which I am an original sponsor of, recently passed with bipartisan support. Each year, the economic cost of untreated mental illness in America is staggering – over $100 billion on untreated mental health disorders and $400 on untreated addiction disorders. In today’s economy, our country cannot afford to continue losing $500 billion a year to these treatable conditions. Oklahoma has the highest rate of mental illness in America, with up to one-fourth of Oklahomans suffering from a mental health condition or addiction disorder. H.R. 1424 will help an estimated 113 million Americans, who had previously faced discriminatory obstacles to treatment, get the mental health and addiction treatment they need.

If you’d like more information on mental health parity, please click here.

Ensuring Seniors Have Quality Health Care Options

Every year, millions of Medicare eligible seniors depend on hospice programs to provide quality, caring end of life care. However, 41 percent of Oklahoma’s hospices are becoming dangerously close to no longer being able to provide this care. Recently, I introduced important legislation which will ensure that Medicare eligible seniors in Oklahoma will still have access to the quality end of life care that hospice provides. My legislation will bring more transparency to the entire Medicare hospice benefit process.

To read more about how my legislation will help Oklahoma hospice’s, please click here.

Giving the Tools Our Nation’s Intelligence Agencies Need to Keep Us Safe

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) expired on February 16th, leaving our intelligence agencies without the critical tools they need to protect our national security and keep us safe at home. The House Democrat leadership has refused to bring the bipartisan Senate passed FISA bill up for a vote on the House floor, proving that they would rather play politics than keep America safe. Last week, I voted against passage of House Democrats flawed FISA bill, H.R. 3773. It is vital that the House bring up and pass the bipartisan Senate passed bill as soon as possible.

To read more about how I am fighting to ensure that our nation’s intelligence community has the tools they need to do their jobs effectively, please click here.

If you wish to contact Congressman Sullivan regarding a specific issue, please visit our contact web page at

The dogs at the Ward-Wiseman Anumal Haven have a nice area to run in behind the new facility at 156th St. N and 129th E. Ave, but would prefer to be in their own back yard (at your home?).
Shannon Slagle's Rain Forest Visit
I don't know if you can cut and paste the photos from Shannon's facebook page, but I thought they would be interesting. She is currently studying in Lima, Peru as a university exchange student through the University of Tulsa. She is majoring in Sociology/Anthropology with a minor in Spanish and is completing her second semester of her junior year in Lima. Shannon was a German foreign exchange student her senior year of high school. She speaks fluent German, Spanish, and English of course. Her life long dream has always been to visit the Rain Forest. Thanks, Cory Slagle (3/20/008)
Sample photos from the album: "iquitos y la selva" by Shannon Slagle
that is a live sloth!
water, trees, shelter
all on the small wooden boat in the middle of a pitch black night trying to spot aligators in the rainforest.
dart tube