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Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 14, 2007
Day 6: Ice Storm Aftermath
Congressman Sullivan & FEMA Official Toured Collinsville Damage / Advised City Officials
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FEMA official Brenda McDougall (far left) U.S. Congressman John Sullivan (blue jacket), Oklahoma Representative Earl Sears (foreground), Collinsville Mayor Stan Sallee, Fire/EMS Chief Russell Young (yellow hat) and City Manager Pam Polk (inset photo) met Friday afternoon at Collinsville City Hall to discuss steps Collinsville needed to take (as individuals, businesses and the city) to deal with the ice storm disaster.
This utility pole (along with transformers and street light) was still laying crumbled adjacent to EZ Mart at 19th and Broadway Friday. The store is operating off a generator until city power can be restored.
Mayor Sallee showed Congressman Sullivan a map of Collinsville's electrical system before starting a quick tour of city damage from the ice storm that struck starting Sunday Dec. 9th. The Mayor estimated roughly half of city electrical customers now had power on Friday Dec. 14th.
Butch Cribbet said today he has sold more chain saws in the past 3 days than in the previous 35 years at Cribbet's True Value. The dumpster was overflowed with empty boxes behind the store near 10th and Main Friday afternoon.
Report Your Storm Losses To FEMA To Support the Oklahoma Damage Assessment:
(866) 560-7584
Finally had a chance today to take a photo for an out of town email request earlier in the week to see how bad their tree was damaged.
This trailer's roof was damaged by falling tree limbs.
Congressman Sullivan and FEMA's FEMA Brenda McDougall took a tour of Collinsville's ice storm damage Friday. Sullivan's home in Tulsa is also without power and he was planning a motel stay before returning to Washington DC Monday.
Congressman Sullivan chatted with the Ferguson family at the Red Cross Shelter at Collinsville's First Baptist Church. Apparently the Owasso shelter closed today and they have sent their extra supplies to Collinsville which remains open.
FEMA Information

From the Collinsville City Hall meet today with Congressman Sullivan and Brenda McDougall of FEMA:. The main message is contact your insurance agent first and document any insured and uinsured storm damage and expenses. Repair what you can now ... don't wait on FEMA. Contact FEMA's Oklahoma Damage Assessment hotline to report your residental or business losses at (866) 560-7584. Everyone should report their storm impact to give FEMA a correct assessment. But proceed as if FEMA won't be coming ... but document in hopes they will eventually be able to help. This is not a federally declared disaster (yet?) it is just in the preliminary assessment / early response stage. Get as much help as you can locally, then county, then state ...

Brenda McDougall gave the following as examples of types of damage/expenses to report to the FEMA hotline:
loss of food, loss of work time, generators and their fuel, damage to home, vehicles, businesses, cost to restore meters pulled from houses, motel expenses, ...etc.

-- Ted -- 9:30pm Friday Dec 14th User Emails With Power Status
Hello Ted,
Great job keeping us all updated on things. As of 6:30 Friday night we have power on at The Rock GYM, assuming it stays that way, we will open Saturday from 9-6 and Sunday 12-6. We expect to be back to normal hours Monday so folks can get in and work off some frustration on the weights. -- Bob and Fawn Ozug (7pm Friday 12-14-2007)
Just got mine on today about 3;30 pm. of course this was after i bought an $800 generator on the way home from work. i live at the corner of 156&89th. thanks for the updates the Klein family (4:40pm Friday 12-14-2007)
North of Owasso: Chestnut Farms neighborhood has been restored for two days.The Ranch Acres subdivision is still without power. It is located in between 116th St. N. (Hwy 20) and 106th St. N. & 157th E. Ave. and 161st E. Ave. The horse trail that runs between Chestnut Farms and Ranch Acres has power lines down. I’m not sure how the crews can reach those but they are probably a problem that may not be identified yet. We could use those extra crews from Stilwell, please. -- mengkeman -- (4:30pm Friday 12-14-2007)
Just making sure you don't forget us in Whispering Pines in Owasso, east of 145th E. Ave between 86th & 96th St. North. Debbie Reed -- (3:15pm Friday 12-14-2007)
I continue to get out of town emails which are intended for VVEC as mine is the only email on their site which I maintain (when they provide info). I still have no info relating to the current ice storm outages and any email sent to me will not reach VVEC. -- Ted Wright 8:45pm Friday 12-14-2007

Apparently Community Cablevision is out in Collinsville so even those with electricity are not getting TV (I'm OK cause I use rabbit ears anyway). And the City of Collinsville has no email capability as it is handled via Community cable. -- Ted Wright 8:45pm Friday 12-14-2007

Per a conversation with Bart Schultheiss today, most home owner policies don't cover trees or the cost to trim damaged limbs or remove limbs. If the limbs damaged your house or vehicle, you should contact your agent as soon as possible. -- Ted

No pines are left in the Whispering Pines addition. Freezing since last Sunday, out of clothes, teenager going through TV and computer/my space withdrawals, lost all food, can't afford a generator, no telephone, everyone around us has their Christmas lights up while celebrating without us while we hear the loud sound of generators humming all around, is this a good enough excuse for my son to not get his homework done? -- K. Bacus -- (9:30pm Friday 12-14-2007)
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Check back for a few new Friday photos later ... I'm running way behind today after staying up til 2am cooking stuff that had thawed from the freezer (not to mention a lot of other food that had to be tossed) ... as I'm one of the lucky ones that got power back yesterday at the house. -- Ted 1pm Friday Dec. 14th [2:15 Friday update: Congressman Sullivan is planning a Collinsville stop today (after Tulsa) and Mayor Stan Sallee has been in several meetings with Sullivan and other officials today and will provide some FEMA info when it is available. I caught the tail end of today's rescheduled school board meet and will provide a report later today or tomorrow. Terry Due says school Monday is the target with still a few minor issues to be worked out at Wilson Elementary today. Got an email from VVEC today saying they would have some information to release soon also. --- Ted]