Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 13, 2007
More Ice Storm Aftermath
Day 5 ... (Dry Thursday) After Ice Started Sunday

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Dana Short submitted the photos below from the German Corner area and Owasso. -- 12-13-2007

Sunday services (for Meadowcreek Methodist) will be held at 2pm on Sunday at the 1st Baptist Church on Main Street in Collinsville.

Some people may not get this message due to power outages so please spread the word. Thank you! -- Angie Shoulders -- 12-13-2007

Note: Sorry for earlier confusion ... The First Baptist Church is loaning their facilities for the Meadowcreek folks after the Baptist services (which will be at their regular time). -- Ted -- 7pm Thursday

Check back tonight as I may have additional items for today ... haven't had a chance to get out look around and will be working in my own back yard this afternoon while the weather is dry ... trying to clear my neighbor's electric line down in my yard. -- Ted -- 11:40am Thursday 12-13-2007

Email me if your power has recently been restored so I can start tracking progress. Or any other news ... to
7pm Thursday update ... as I've been working on my downed trees and trashing stuff from the fridge ... most of the day and I'm happy to announce the crew from Stilwell headed by Larry Eagleton (with 2 trucks and 7 workers) cleared the lines down my alley about 3pm and energized the lines a bit after 5pm today so I now have power at the house on Spring Street. I'll have a photo later. -- Ted Wright
The Stilwell crew trimming parts of my mangled pecan tree which were laying on top the line to my house (& my neighbor's) this afternoon. Thank You! Thank You!
-- Ted Wright -- 8:45pm 12-13-2007
Rural Electric Oklahoma overview map
for current ice storm.

Thanks to Tracy Ohlinger in Bartlesville for this link from the OAEC. -- Ted 7pm 12-13-2007
Way To Go Roy!
Brad Francis made me aware of a good deed done today. Shannon Vicker was in need of a generator for medical reasons and Brad was trying to go thru channels to find help for Shannon without getting any quick results. He eventually called Roy Weathers and asked if he had a generator he could loan. Roy said he did not, but said he would go buy one so he and Brad brought the generator back and it is now in use for Shannon. (Thursday evening 12-13-2007)
Stilwell utility workers were clearing limbs from electrical lines Thursday Dec. 13th (along with Dallas and Sallisaw crews) to help Collinsville residents prepare to have their electricity turned back on following the ice damage to trees and lines Sunday & Monday. Stilwell sent 7 utility workers and 2 trucks to help us recover from the massive power outage. Other news agencies are reporting this as the largest outage in Oklahoma's history.
There were still lines down this morning behind the Collinsville Police Headquarters at 11th and Center.
I don't know if this van on Spring Street got covered in the initial tree droppings or if it occured later this week. The carport in the back ground is collapsed from limbs or ice
(or both?).
I noticed the Collinsville City Hall meeting room was full of cots. I assume this is where the visiting utility crews are spending their nights after longs days working to restore our electrical power. They didn't have any new rain or ice to contend with today but weather predictions have a potential for snow by the weekend.
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Not totally weather related ... but having a utility bucket truck come down the alley today brought several neighbors out to visit. E. L. Byrom took the opportunity to show off a photo of a hugh buck his grandson came across recently. I don't want to ruin Mr. Byrom's story but it was a hunting trip for deer, unfortunately the successful weapon turned out to be a vehicle which sustained damage. -- Ted

Note: I built and maintained the site but have received no updates from VVEC for months as they are apparently working on a revised site for the future via another vendor. I have no information from VVEC for the current ice storm -- Ted Wright -- Dec. 13, 2007

Dec. 17 Update: VVEC brought a partial version of their new site online with some information for their customers Sunday Dec. 16th.

National Storm Coverage Includes Collinsville, Oklahoma
(This link is to CNN ... but the same AP story from Des Moines, Iowa is on several web sites for various US cities' media.