Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 12, 2007
Day 4: Ice Storm Aftermath
Recovery Underway But May Be Slowed by Snow Expected By Weekend
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A Sample of Previous Collinsville Disasters
Santa Fe Railroad track was laid a mile west of the original Collinsville townsite.
The 3 year old Collinsville High School building was destroyed by fire.
Early 1920's
The two Collinsville smelter businesses were gone along with 1000's of employees and their payroll.
The Great Depression
Tornados struck downtown (Opera House) and Ice Plant
Downtown fire destroyed drug store, plumbing shop and displaced most doctors
Caney River flood impacted many rural residents
City Hall burned along with police and fire headquarters
Ice Storm & Massive Power Outage
... and likely a few others that skipped my memory. -- Ted
The Discovery Church provided a warm meal (at City Hall) today for city workers and visiting electrical crews who are here to help restore Collinsville power. There are are crews here from Dallas, Sallisaw, and Stillwell.
Meanwhile other volunteers were feeding local residents seeking warm shelter and/or a warm meal at the Red Cross shelter at the Collinsville First Baptist Church at 13th & Main.
Copied form newsindex page 12-12-2007
An unidentified Collinsville man died of carbon monoxide poisioning per 12-12-2007
Ice Storm Day 4 (Wed. Dec 12): Rain appears to have stopped today (but possibly snow by the weekend?). Roads are clear and ice is thinning on the damaged trees and lines. A crew from Dallas was working at 12th & Center this morning. I'm sure there are still many other crews here from many other locations. Power to isolated areas of town only with most residents still without power. Email me if you know of something I haven't covered in the past 3 days. -- Ted Wright -- 11:15am Wed Dec 12
Had just a brief chat with City Manager Pam Polk as she was helping set up for feeding the electrical crews from Dallas (19 people and 18 trucks), plus Sallisaw and Stillwell crews. The Discovery Church was providing a meal for the worker at City Hall noon today. Pam said we had had crews here from GRDA, Claremore and Pryor early on before they had to leave and deal with their own ice storm. Pam indicated the old land fill at 156th Street (north on 5th) would be used for limbs but details were still in the works. May have a Baptist Church based "Chainsaw Group" here by Thursday working ahead of the electrical crews clearing downed limbs. -- More later -- Ted 12:08pm Wed.
School decision (for Thurs) will be made at 2:30 meet Wed. Wilson only has partial power now, others have power. Monday's cancelled school board meet rescheduled to noon Friday when bond priorities will be set. -- Ted 12:40pm Wed
Collinsville schools will be closed Thursday & Friday to close out a complete week without classes since the ice started forming Sunday morning. I'll have just a bit more info later as I've been out of town today (with an unplanned trip to Wichita) and just now catching up. -- Ted 9:15pm Wed 12-12-2007

10:15pm Wednesday additional comments: Skiatook looked just like Collinsville (just from my view along Highway 20) but the damaged trees lessened well before reaching Hominy further west. I still have no official predictions on power restoration from either the City of Collinsville or VVEC. My brother Don Wasson says he still had no power at this house in Vera. Brother Phil Wright in Tulsa was still without power yesterday. -- Ted Wright

Be sure to thank the crews here to help restore our power. And check on your neighbors.

Carbon Monoxide