Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 11, 2007
Day 3 (Just Above Freezing)
More Rain But
Staying Liquid

City Election Relocated
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This line was down Tuesday afternoon on Main Street.
Helping Hand -- Crews from out of town arrived late Tuesday and are in the field today helping get the electrical system ready to be energized again. The crew above was from Sallisaw. I've heard no estimate yet for the majority of Collinsville reidents who are in their 3rd day without power. -- Ted
A light turnout is expected due to the weather and having no power at the normal polling places today in the city's election on the gas franchise and motel tax. Voters were redirected to the First Baptist Church.
Copied from the newsindex page:
Vote Today -- All precincts are re-located to the First Baptist Church at 13th&Main. I was only vote number 7 for the Health Center folks at 11am. -- Ted 11:25am Tuesday Dec. 11
[There were about 8 utility bucket trucks staged at 13th & Main last night at midnight. Possibly from the City of Sallisaw. Some (or all?) of them are helping in Collinsville today. If you would knock the ice off your mail box so it will open easily you would save your mail carrier several minutes at each mail box.]
-- FYI, I have received no official notice from either the city or VVEC on electric restoration. -- Ted 12/11/2007 noon -- (I did overhear one conversation at City Hall today that if your meter has been pulled from your house it is your responsibility (via an electrician) to reattach the meter ... where the city's responsibility starts.)
I don't know the offical timeline for food in fridge & freezers without power but I'm sure it to the point where caution must be exercised. I moved most of my food outside at about the 24 hour mark.
Collinsville Schools will be closed a third day (Wed. Dec. 12th) per -- Ted 4:30pm Tuesday 12/11/07
Some normalcy: a quick walk-about between rains shows RCB and Lakes banks open, Silver Dollar and Bill & Ruth's open, Farmer's Insurance open, Cribbets was doing a booming business, Three Sisters Catering making a delivery, the video store looks dark but is open, within a block of the News Museum. I'm sure there are other Collinsville businesses open. Haven't heard about Wednesday School yet. Noticed the middle school had power Monday night. Susan says Library hopes to open Wednesday (10am-4pm). -- Ted 2pm Tuesday Dec. 11th