Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 16, 2007 (Sunday)
Sun Out For Day 8 Ice Storm Aftermath
First Sunny Day In A Week Brightens Outlook After Ice/Tree/Power Disaster
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You'll have to excuse Collinsville trees from having a grumpy or cold blank expression after the week they've been through. The ice that started last Sunday (Dec. 9th) is gone but the damage is done. After several days of hearing limbs crack and fall, the main sound this Sunday (Dec. 16th) is that of chain saws trying to clean up the mess.
After temps in the 20s yesterday (Sat.) and a stiff wind, today (Sunday) has seemed almost pleasant a few degrees above freezing. I even noticed a reading of 44 degrees several hours after the mid-day 36 above.
These cats don't seem to care but a downed electric meter will likely keep their owners in the dark for several more days.
Some of the visiting utility crews (these from Dallas above) were taking a break for lunch Sunday. Many of them headed to the Silver Dollar Cafe (below) but were back at work soon afterwards.
The young man in the yellow hard hat (with the Dallas crew) is from Garland, Texas where I lived for almost 20 years before returning to hometown Collinsville, OK. -- Ted
Historic Event!!
The congregation of Collinsville's Methodist Church (which began in Collinsville before there was electrical service available to anyone ~1899) met for services Sunday Dec. 16, 2007 in the First Baptist sanctuary. The Meadowcreek United Methodist Church suffered some ceiling damage in the ice storm but expect to be back in their own sanctuary next Sunday.
With the trees trimmed by the ice storm, I spotted an unusual view today looking east on Oak Street with the Meadowcreek Methodist Church well past the end of Oak (in the center of the photo), the bell tower for the former home of the Methodist Church (now the Pentecostal Church) can be seen to the right, while the sign for the Community Church is at left. -- Ted
Methodist Rev. Tommy Seale was in the pulpit normally manned by Pastor Tim Prock (just a few hours after the normal Baptist Services).
Even with power restored in many neighborhoods, some homes will be without power until an electrician can repair the connections to homes.
While most of my photos the past week have shown damaged trees in Collinsville, today I noticed what is now probably the tallest tree left in town that somehow avoided the major ice damage suffered by most others.
This view down Broadway shows the crosswalk at 15th all the way past the new bridge, then past Highway 169 where it reverts to 146th St. North.
I haven't said much about phone lines this week (while focusing on electrical) but there are individual lines and bundles (like above) down all over town. I've been lucky to have phone & DSL service at the Newspaper Museum where I have been able to post this web site daily. Cell phones have helped many without power or phone stay connected.
Charlie's Park lost several hugh trees.
Out of school for a week ... but no place to play?
Many members of the Baptist Disaster team have already arrived. The total number of 39 are expected by Monday Dec. 17th according to Tim Prock.
Copied from's newsindex page Sunday
Viewer Emails Received 12-16-2007
Mr. Wright,
My husband and six other men (mostly from Grace Baptist Church here in Knoxville, Tennessee) have just left and are on their way and should arrive tonight to help your community clear trees this week as part of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team. They will be staying at the First Baptist Church in Collinsville, and are anxious to get there and help. These are a great group of men who take their time and vacation from work to help whenever called to various parts of the country and also our local community. They also have a local firewood ministry to to assist elderly and disadvantaged that require wood as a means for keeping their homes warm in the winter. They work year round cutting down trees and splitting woods in preparation for the winter months.

I found your website this morning and we were looking at all the pictures from the ice storm. My prayer is that the men's assistance will enable familes to have their yards cleared, and power restored, and the community will get a chance to meet these men who love the Lord and are truly "volunteers" from the Volunteer State!

May God bless! -- Debbie Knox (Sunday 12-16-2007)
Ted, I don't know if you stayed for the meeting with Sullivan, the lady from FEMA and DEQ, I believe his name is Mark, but the bottom line was that DEQ shut the city down from using the brush drop off site. The City is urging residents to pile brush on the curb and it will be picked up later. If the president signs the declaration of emergency for Tulsa Co., lower authorities such as the DEQ will be usurped and we can proceed as originally planed by our locale management team. The Cities internet is still down and the emergency hot lines are still very busy. It will be helpful if you would pass on this information. Thanks-- Brad (12-16-2007)
Hi Ted,
I just wanted to say thank you to the city workers, the electric crews who are from out of town, and the VVEC workers. They have spent long and hard hours this week trying to restore everyones power. They are taking time out of their daily routines to make sure everyone around here gets power. It's going to take time to get everyones power back on. These people who are complaining about not having power and not being able to reach VVEC do NOT understand what it is like working long hours out in the cold and wet mess that is outside.
I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who is helping Collinsville and surrounding areas get electricity!!
Thank you, Christine Blue (12-16-2007)
This is Ted: I have unfortunately been placed in the middle of the VVEC communications issue. For the record all that have contacted me requesting VVEC info have been very patient and polite. I know they appreciate all of the crews from all organizations and their efforts under extreme circumstances. Just a tiny bit of info from VVEC would go a long ways to help comfort their customers who are struggling. -- Ted Wright (12-16-2007 1:25pm Sunday) I have a several photos from Sunday morning to add online later tonight.
Ted Again at 7:45pm Sunday: Just checked the VVEC web site and their new revised site has replaced the old site I had maintained for them for the past few years. It was not there at mid-day and not sure when it came up. The address is the same Their 12/16/2007 report has Current Estimate of Outages: 3750
Total Poles Broken: 1550
Viewer Emails At Bottom of Page
Day 8: Sun is out & chain saws are humming ... power crews still at work ... (Sunday Dec. 16, 2007)
Pastor Tim Prock said anyone seeking (free) assistance with tree trimming should call the Collinsville First Baptist Church (918) 371-2526. An assessment will be made to help those with the most desperate need first. Many of the nationwide Baptist disaster group are already here and a total of 39 are expected by Monday. -- Ted 3:30pm Sunday
VVEC Updates
The new VVEC web site went online sometime Sunday before 7:45pm at the same address -- Ted Wright 12-16-2007 (This replaced the earlier version which I had maintained the past few years and is totally out of my hands now). Their Sunday 12-16-2007 report says they have 75 brush crews and 70 line crews working and 12 additional crews from other cooperatives are on their way to help VVEC as they have freed up from their own territories. The Sunday estimate for VVEC outages was 3750. (Down from 12,000)
[I just found their 12-14-2007 press release which went online 12-16] - Ted 9pm Sunday