Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 15, 2007
Day 7: Snow Follows Ice Storm
Saturday Snow Melted Off Roadways / Light Accumulations on Grass & Trees
(Coldest Temps Expected Overnight Into Sunday Low Twenties or Teen)
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Saturday Dec. 15th Viewer Emails
Thanks so much for the updates you have been providing. My wife, daughter, and I were fortunate enough to have parents in southeastern Oklahoma that we were able to go stay with this week, but we were always checking your site for updates. We live out on Broadway (by the high school), and it seems like everyone around us has power except us and the houses/mobile homes near us. We have also been impressed with the updates we have gotten by calling the utilities line at City Hall. The ladies there have been very friendly and helpful and never rude or discourteous, even though I'm sure they received plenty of disgruntled phone calls this week.

In short, it would be great to know when the power crews will be making it over to our side of's kind of depressing to look our your window and see that everyone around you has power while your house remains dark. I understand the priorities of the workers and the way the power grid works ... it's just frustrating. But to mire in that is to ignore that there are still plenty of people around town who feel that way too.

Anyway, thanks for all you do...keep up the good work!

Kerry W. -- Collinsville

Just wanted to let you know we are still without power here on 145th E. Ave. Saturday will mark 6 days? I'm losing track. However we did purchase a small generator after 3rd day (that was the soonest we could get one) so we are surviving I cant get a hold of anyone at Vvec. Either they dont answer or the phone is always busy. Anyway was wondering if you knew how many others in Collinsville roughly are with out power still and if there was an estimate to how much longer we would be with out it? I know they are working so hard to restore everyone unselfishly. just trying to catch base with the outside world. I would of emailed Vvec directly thru your link but there is no place on their page to do so. Since you have always been a fantastic and reliable source for cville information, I want to Thank you Ted for any help you might be able to offer, it will certainly be appreciated!
-- Michelle K.
I know you're a busy man.
My mother and sister are staying with me here in Bartlesville while power is being restored in C-ville.
I have'nt been able to find out where power is on or off in
C-ville. If you know about the Blackjack Lane / Court area power status, could you contact me?
If not I completely understand. -- Thanks, Mitch G.
I have tried to contact you all (VVEC) but have been unable to get you by phone. I am reporting lines on the ground at my residence and a pole that is in the process of falling.
I have been without power since Dec. 9 and am taking care of my mother who is a terminal hospice patient. It sure would help to just have an estimate as to when you think you will be working in this area.
-- Mary F. -- Claremore, Ok.
Thanks so much for your time and any information that you can give me.
I was wondering if you knew what people are supposed to with their tree limbs. Do we just put them out by the road or are we supposed to haul them somewhere? Thank you very much for your time. -- Don S.
My reply to Don:
The city promised me more info but haven't seen it yet. They will allow limbs to be dumped at 156th St N (north on 5th St). Sounds like the city will also do some pickup but don't know when or how much. -- Ted
Dixie Estates in Verdigris is about half-on & half-off. I have lines down in my back yard & VVEC says possibly Wednesday.
...a bit dissatisfied.....Jeff S. (12-15-2007)
A light rain switched over to snow about 9:45am Saturday. The pavement was warm enough to melt most snow immediately.
The Saturday snow did accumulate about a quarter inch on non-pavement areas by evening when it had mostly stopped.
I have no new restoration info today for City of Collinsville or VVEC -- Ted -- Sat. Dec. 15th
Sorry, I didn't venture out today other than to walk to work and take the photos above out the door of work and home. My only contacts have been email today. -- Ted Wright -- Sat. Dec. 15th