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Kaitlyn Wallis & Rebyl Richardson Represent Collinsville
Jan. 7, 2006
2006 Cherokee Nation Youth Council
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Youth To Be Aware & Involved With Tribe And Community
Kaitlyn Wallis (left) and Rebyl Richardson (right) pose with Buel Anglen, District 8 Cherokee Nation Councilman (above) and with the 2006 Cherokee Nation Youth Council (below).

Press Release --
Collinsville Has Two Cherokee Nation
Youth Council Representatives

Collinsville is fortunate this year to be represented by two Collinsville High School students as Cherokee Nation Youth Council Representatives. Kaitlyn Wallis, a sophomore, and Rebyl Richardson, a senior, applied and were accepted as representatives on the Cherokee Nation Youth Council for District 8, which is Tulsa and Washington Counties.

The Cherokee Nation Tribal Youth Coincil was established during a youth conference the summer of 1989 with the assistance of the United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (UNITY). A resolution for the endorsement for the establishment of a Tribal Youth Council was passed unanimously by the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council October 14, 1989. By-laws have been written by the youth and a steering committee has been established.

The purpose of the Youth Council is to act as role models for Cherokee youth, to provide a voice for the youth, to develop experience for future council/tribal leaders, and to help educate other youth.

Some of their other objectives are to learn tribal government, become aware of current tribal issues, to be involved with the tribe and the community and have a voice for the youth.

Some of their activities include community projects, educational workshops, council meetings, youth conferences and fund raising events.

To be eligible youths must be of Cherokee descent and provide verification by a Certificate Degree of Indian Blood Issued by Cherokee Nation, must be enrolled in high school, an undergraduate degree program in an accredited college or university, or a vocational training program, maintain a grade point average that is acceptable to the institution attending and be willing to meet monthly.

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