New Methodist Church Building

Planned Church Building
2001 Architect's Drawing -- First United Methodist Church -- Collinsville, Oklahoma
New church property East of New Highway 169 and North of 146th Street North in Collinsville.

Sign for future (3rd) home of Church East of Collinsville

Future Church Sign 2000
June 2000

Tent Revival at site of future (3rd) home of Methodist Church

Tent Revival 2000
October 2000

Ground Breaking Ceremonies

Church Ground Breaking
June 2002

Initial Footings

Footings Being Poured

November 2002

Slab & Steel Ready

Steel and Slab Ready

3 Feburary 2003

Steel Going Up

Steel Going Up

17 February 2003

Steel Frame Progress

Steel Frame Progress

7 March 2003

Walls Going Up

Wall Progressing on SE side

4 April 2003
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