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Chamber of Commerce Meeting -- June 5, 2003
at American Bank

State Senator Randy Brogdon (above) addressed the Collinsville Chamber of Commerce at their monthly meeting June 5th. He provided his perspective as a freshman senator having just completed the legislative session. Senator Brogdon gave samples of the diverse issues the legislators deal with daily. Many had to do with tax and fee increases. Randy offered that from his perspective Oklahoma had more of a "spending crisis" than a "budget crisis." He indicated than although education accounted for about half of the state's budget expenditures, education had typically been saved for last in the budget process. He indicated that policy changes had been made in the legislature that would help focus more attention early on critical budget issues. Senator Brogdon also indicated that next year Oklahoman voters might have a chance to better protect "rainy day funds" that had not been well protected preceeding our current economic downturn. -- Ted Wright 6/5/2003
President Marilyn Hardacre provided status on a number of Chamber of Commerce projects and upcoming events. The Chamber is still trying to fill the sectetary position. Progress is being made towards moving the Chamber into their new office at the "old Bank" building on the southeast corner of 11th and Main. The Chamber is attempting to restore the building's windows closer to it's original configuration (as in the old postcard view above ...circa 1915?).
Stan Sallee indicated that there was a matching pair to the Chamber's sign (above) that was installed at the High School several years ago. ODOT approval has been received to install this second sign at the East entrance to Collinsville.

Marilyn Hardacre also reported that the Chamber's new website is nearly ready ( The Chamber will provide the Fourth of July Celebration in the City Park with evening activities (either 4 to 9 or 6 to 9). Activities planned include a jupiter jump, hotdogs and entertainment. The City of Collinsville will provide the fireworks. The next Chamber meeting will be the City Employee Appreciation Luncheon to be held at V.V.E.C.

Steve Howe was intoduced at the Chamber meeting as the new Vice President at Bank of the Lakes.
Bill Thomas stated that the Education Association's golf tournament was just a week away and there were still teams needed to fill the available spots.
When thanked for being at the Chamber meet, (after some absence), David Million, (Tulsa World reporter) announced he had had a heart attack and been through open heart surgery and was very glad to be here.
American Bank of Oklahoma provided for the location, food and decorations for the luncheon.
Three Sisters Kitchen To Go
catered the luncheon.