Former Collinsville School Faculty

Note: Having just taken charge of the school web site (and being an archivist at heart), I've decided to save these two pages of information (in the CHS Alum Area of cvilleok) from the Herald Elementary pages before the info is updated with Arlin Stacy's info in Jan. 2012. Don't have an official policy set yet for historical info on the school site. -- Ted Wright 1/2/2012

Rachel Chronister retired Dec. 2011 -- Had been Herald Elementary Principal 2007-2011

Contact information can be added here for former Collinsville School faculty (send email to

There are obviously many more former teachers, administrators & staff that could be added here (just from my cvilleok archives) but time will be limited. For example: Janice Pollard, Pat Herald, ...with recent retirement stories. -- Ted


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