Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 9, 2007
Ice Covers Collinsville
Power Out To Most After Frozen Thunder Storm Overnight
More Freezing Rain Possible

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15th & Broadway
Community Church
14th & Center
From 14th & Spring
15th & Broadway
Oak Street
The downtown stoplights were out when I was taking these photos (between 10am and 10:30) but are working now at 12:30 Sunday. -- Ted
A heavy rain and thunder storm started in Collinsville about 11pm Saturday night (Dec. 8th) and I started hearing pops which I thought might be transformers as the power went off briefly a few times about 12:30am Sunday (Dec. 9th). I suspect now it was more likely trees snapping as the rain was frozen and weighing them down into power lines. Might be different in your neighborhood but my electricity at the house went out at about 5:30am and stayed off. Ventured out for these photos between 10-10:30am Sunday morning. Likely many more trees damaged in areas I didn't walk by. I am lucky to have electricty at the Newspaper Museum (1110 W. Main) to have a chance to upload this info. Silver Dollar Cafe was also busy Sunday with hungury folks who ventured out on the slick but crunchy streets. Please be careful as there are still trees and power lines that could fall. Guessing there is about a quarter inch on ice on the trees but that could vary. I'd be happy to have reports from other Collinsville folks with other weather impacts. -- Ted Wright 1pm Sunday
4 additional photos added below from about 2:30pm Sunday -- Ted
Channel 6 web says Collinsville Schools will be closed Monday Dec. 10th
More photos ~2:30pm Sunday Dec. 9th, 2007
12th Street was closed between Center & Spring with a downed utility line.
Near 12th & South
Next Shift ... Collinsville Police and other emergency crews have already been working for many hours to clear streets and work on restoring power.
This limb blocking both 13th and Spring snapped about a half hour after I walked through Sunday about 2:30pm. -- Ted